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Best Western Okinawa Onna Beach

Address 〒904-0417
1888 Maeda Onnason Kunigami-gun Okinawa-prefecture
TEL 098-964-1130
FAX 098-964-1131

Access by car

Via the Okinawa highway

Drive north from the Michi-toyomi Takachi Interchange on the Naha Airport highway or from the Naha Interchange on the Okinawan highway, and get off at the Ishikawa Interchange.
Drive toward Yomitan via Onnason (Maeda) on the prefectural road No.6 and then the national road No. 58.
Journey time: Approx. 50 minutes

Via general roads

From Naha Airport, drive north on national road No. 58 via national road No. 332 (331) and turn left onto the prefectural road No. 6 at the “Yamada” junction in Onnason toward Yomitanson.

Journey time: Approx. 70 minutes

From Naha Airport, drive north on national road No. 58 via national road No. 332 (331) and turn left onto the prefectural road No. 6 at the “Yamada” junction in Onnason toward Yomitanson.

Journey time: Approx 70 minutes

Access by bus

Via regular-route bus

Take the monorail from Naha Airport and get off at Asahibashi Station.
Take the No. 28 bus at the Naha bus terminal to the final stop, Yomitanson bus terminal.
Transfer to the No. 48 bus and get off at Biru.

Parking site

We have an outdoor pay parking area for 56 cars. (¥500 for 72 hours)
Each subsequent 48 hours costs an additional ¥500.
(E.g.) If you use the parking area for five nights, the charge will be ¥1000.
If you use the parking area for 10 nights, the charge will be ¥2500.
※No booking is required. It is on first-come, first-served basis.
※There is one space for a car with a wheelchair.


Maeda Cape (Approx. 3 minutes by car)

This the ultimate spot for diving and snorkeling in Okinawa. It is loved by local divers and is a popular spot for sightseers. An abundant variety of fish live here, such as teira batfish. What’s more, the Blue Cave, famous for its mysterious blue waters, is also in this area. You can enjoy this area in many ways, such as by taking a sightseeing trip if you cannot dive. If you want to experience the beautiful sea unique to Okinawa, this cave is a must-see.

Recommended by our staff!

The observation deck is on the edge of a cliff created by the erosion of the Ryukyu limestone. In the transparent sea below, you can see colorful tropical fish and the coral reefs below the water. This magnificent blue sight can only be found in the islands of Okinawa surrounded by the coral reef!

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Forest Adventure IN Onna (Approx. 5 minutes by car)

This Japanese Forest Adventure is an adventure sports zone and park that makes the most of the nature of Okinawa. It is based on popular adventure parks in European forests, where visitors can glide through the air from tree to tree wearing a special harness. The facility is designed based on standards pioneered by French company ALTUS. These standards have been built from ALTUS’s thorough process of trial and error. ALTUS has experience with more than 50 past projects. Daily operations are carried out under these safety standards, and their effectiveness is proven by the fact that there has never been a major accident at any ALTUS park. Forest Adventure IN Onna is the fourth such park in Japan and the most southern park in Japan. It makes the most of the nature of Okinawa, with the biggest facility area as well as the longest and highest rope activities in Japan! (The maximum slide distance in the air is 120m and the highest above the ground is 30m.)

Recommended by our staff!

You can also enjoy trampolining and playing archery tag, other popular activities overseas alongside the adventure course. This park is the first land adventure in Okinawa foraimed at adults!!!

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Zakimi Castle ruins (Approx. 10 minutes by car)

Zakimi Castle was built by famous architect Yuntanza Aji Gosamaru in the 15th century. Gosamaru used to live in the Yamada Gusuku castle, 4km northeast of Zakimi, but in 1416 (or 1422), he joined the Chuzan Shohashi’s invasion of Kitayama Castle (now Nakijin Castle) and had his castle built in Zakimi due to the advantages of its location. In December 2000, it was registered as a world heritage site, as the Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu.

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This is perfect for people interested in world heritage sites and stone walls! These stone walls were created using the most advanced techniques of the time. They still look amazing today. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty and magnificence of the curved wall.

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Murasakimura (Approx. 10 minutes by car)

This a theme park recreates the appearance of a gorgeous 15th century imperial town. (The NHK historical fiction drama, “Winds of Ryukyu,” was filmed here.) Inside the houses with red roofs are workshops where you can experience 101 different creative activities such as making seasaa amulets, Okinawan tie-dye, glass-blowing, and making glass beads.

Recommended by our staff!

People of all ages can enjoy this experience-type theme park. You can make Ryukyu brown glass, black sugar, windchimes made of coral, and dye seasaa amulets.

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Ryukyu village (Approx. 5 minutes by car)

At this theme park, you can experience the Ryukyu culture, entertainment and nature all together. Enjoy various type of culture and handicrafts in houses with red roofs, which were registered a Japanese tangible cultural property in May 2007. You can also enjoy attractions such as Okinawa-style parades, eisa dance, and folk music shows. This an unmissable sightseeing spot which you should go to when you visit visiting Okinawa.

Recommended by our staff!

Every day, 18 attractions are held in the area where the old traditional houses with red roofs have been relocated from various places in Okinawa. The best one is the Okinawa-style parade which takes place at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. This a parade which introduces Okinawa entertainments, such as Ryukyu dance, ancient martial arts, a lion dance, and eisa dance. In the end, they encourage visitors to join in.

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