Experience the Forest Adventure ~Traveling the forest of Onnason with a thrilling and refreshing feeling away from the sea!~

Experience the Forest Adventure ~Traveling the forest of Onnason with a thrilling and refreshing feeling away from the sea!~

What is a Forest Adventure?

It is a popular activity in Europe to contribute to children’s development based on the great principle of knowing how to protect oneself.

In this abundant forest in Onnason, glide through the air at 30m high and for 120m in length while wearing a harness.

This activity is popular among foreigners who live in Okinawa as well!

Reliving old memories of having fun in the mountains as a child, enjoy this experience and don’t be afraid to scream as loud as possible!


Time: 08:30~17:00

※ Can change depending on the season and the weather

Conditions of participation At least 140cm in height, weighing less than 130kg
*Children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Basic fee (including tax) ※A / B course : per person, C – E course: package fee

A. Adult ( Over 18 years old) ¥3500

B. Child (17-13 years old) ¥2500

C. Family package 3 (2 Adults + 1 Child) ¥8000

D. Family package 4 ( 2 Adults + 2 Children) ¥9500

E. Family package 5 (2 Adults + 3 Children) ¥11000

※More than 1 child taking part is essential for a Family package.

Booking ・Please make an enquiry at least 10 days before the date of your participation.
(Refer to the booking guide.)

*After confirming your details, our hotel will inform you whether or not your booking was successful.

The person in charge may contact you for confirmation.

Duration About 120 minutes
Meeting time: Please gather 20 minutes before your booked time at the reception.
Courtesy pick-up transport None (A minute away from our hotel in a car)
Others Your booked time may be altered depending on the circumstances of the day.

You will need to sign an agreement before participation (on your payment at the hotel).

You can join this activity from the following day after your arrival.

Payment: Please pay at the hotel reception.
Please note (You cannot participate in the following attire or if the following conditions apply.)

Skirts, sandals, crocs, pumps, or heeled shoes

*Please wear clothes that are easy to move in. Your clothes may get dirty in this activity.

If you cannot wear the harness

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If our staff judge that there may be a disturbance to other participants or are concerned about safety issues.

*After departure, no refund will be accepted.

Cancellation fees In the case of cancellation by a guest the day before the trip, 50% of the charge will be required. In the case of same-day cancellation, 100% of the charge will be required. Cancellation two days before the trip will incur a 20% cancellation fee.

* If the booking is cancelled due to the weather, there is no cancellation fee. (Payment will be at your hotel.)

[Booking guidance]
Date of your participation/
Your desired time/
Representative’s name/
Your contact number (mobile phone number)/
Number of participants/
Your package context

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