Maeda Cape Experience Tour at the Blue Cave ~Visit the mysterious sea by boat~

Maeda Cape Experience Tour at the Blue Cave ~Visit the mysterious sea by boat~

Three-minutes’ drive from our hotel, below the cliff of the Maeda Cape sightseeing spot, is an ultra-popular diving spot called Blue Cave.

We offer experience diving and snorkeling tours so that even beginners can enjoy this dreamy cave in the sparkling blue sea.


Activities A.Snorkeling course
B.Experience diving course
C.Set course (A+B course)
Conditions of participation

A-course: At least 5 years old
B/C course: At least 10 years old

*Children aged 5–11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Minors require permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

Minimum number of participants 2 people
Duration A/B course: About 2 hours
C course: About a half day
Price A. Snorkeling: ¥4000
B. Experience diving: ¥8900
C. Set course: ¥11500 (hotel guest special price)
Meeting time: A/B course: ①08:00 ②09:30 ③12:00 ④13:30 ⑤15:00
C course: ⑥08:00 ⑦12:00 ⑧13:30
Included in the cost: Insurance, lesson fee, guide fee, wetsuit (life jacket), boat fee, facility fee
B & C courses include the above fees + 1as well as diving fee and theequipment rental fee for a set of equipment are required
Meeting place: S.E.P Marine Club in Onnason *Free parking is available.
About cancellations In the case of cancellation by a guest the day before the trip, 50% of the charge will be required. In the case of same-day cancellation, 100% of the charge will be required.

*There is no fee is the tour is cancelled due to sea conditions. (We’ll refund payment.)
Others The program will take place after the day of arrival.

Please come wearing a swimsuit beneath your ordinary clothes.
(After the program, you can use the shower free of charge.)

You cannot fly on the same day as participating in the B or C course.

People taking medication may not be able to take part.

*Instructor confirmation is needed.

On the day, take care of your health and follow the instructor’s advice.

* Your participation may be refused at the instructor’s discretion.
Booking guidance ・Date of your participation
・Number of participants
・Name of the course
・Contact details (e-mail address and mobile phone number)
Bookings/Enquiries S.E.P Marine Club  098-965-3561


※ When booking, please inform them that you are staying at our hotel.

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